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Commercial & Domestic Aluminium Double Glazing, Manchester

Domestic Double Glazing
Domestic Double Glazing
Domestic Double Glazing

Domestic Aluminium Double Glazing – Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Roof Lites

Aluminium double glazing is becoming increasingly popular for use in domestic double gazing applications. There are a number of reasons for the trend towards aluminium profiles for domestic double glazing:-

Domestic Aluminium Windows & Doors – Design Flexibility
The slim line profile of aluminium allows a wider range of glazing designs to enhance your home. Unusual and irregular shapes are achievable with aluminium which are not possible using UPVC profiles.

Aluminium double glazing systems are available in the whole range of RAL and BS colours. Black and slate grey are two popular aluminium profile colours. FCAHP are also able to offer you a range highly attractive and distinctive colours specifically developed for aluminium double glazing. Please click this link to view these colours.

It is also possible to specify dual colours – giving you different colours inside and outside your house, blending with the colour scheme for your house.

The slimeline profile, flexible styling and colour range of aluminium profiles combine to deliver a very distinctive and impressive enhancement to your home.

Aluminium Windows & Doors – Strong & Secure

Aluminium doors are a clear winner where strength is concerned. Our aluminium door joints are also stronger that those of UPVC doors. UPVC joints are welded, whereas our aluminium door joints are mechanically formed, using strong steel cleats to strengthen the joint. These joints are also almost invisible in the finished unit, giving an enhanced appearance

Aluminium Doors – Cold Weather Resilience

Aluminium doors really come into their own in winter conditions. They are far more durable in freezing cold weather. UVPC doors are especially susceptible to attack in freezing conditions as the UPVC can become quite brittle.

FCAHP Aluminium Double Glazing - Polyamide Thermal Break

Our aluminium window profile incorporates an insulating polyamide thermal break. This thermal break separates the inside and outside aluminium profiles, blocking the transfer of cold from the outside surface.   


Aluminium double glazing has good thermal properties is secure, weather resistant and long lasting.

Aluminium double glazing can be used for standard doors, sliding folding doors, windows and conservatories.

Domestic Aluminium Double Glazing. Long Lasting, Weather Resistant, Secure, Windows, Doors, Sliding Folding (Bi-Fold) Doors & Conservatories.

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