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Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors - Domestic

Although very well established for commercial double glazing – shop fronts, foyers and entrance doors. Aluminium is now also a popular choice for domestic windows and doors. There are a number of reasons why aluminium doors are increasing in popularity.

Aluminium Doors – Secure & Strong

Aluminium doors have very good thermal properties and are tough, secure, resilient and weather resistant. Aluminium door frames have high structural strength, which enables it to be incorporated into unusual door and entrance designs.

In terms of security, aluminium doors really come into their own during winter. In freezing conditions, some UPVC doors can become quite brittle and have been known to be a target for attack. Aluminium doors suffer no such weakness.

Aluminium Doors – Design Flexibility

Aluminium's greater strength enables aluminium doors and door frames to be slimmer than those used for UPVC doors. This is appreciated by designers, where aluminium's slim line door profile allows a wider range of designs to be used. Aluminium doors tend to be more aesthetically pleasing due to their slimmer, less obtrusive design.

Also, because aluminium can be cut to produce custom shapes, aluminium doors and double glazing frames are much more versatile and can be used to create unusual, bespoke designs.

Aluminium Doors - Coatings & Colours

Aluminium doors and frames can use the whole range of RAL and BS colours – please see the link to the RAL chart below. You can even specify dual colours, to give you contrasting colours inside and outside your home, blending with both the internal and external colour scheme for your house.

RAL Colour Chart

Link to RAL Colour Chart

Please click this link to view the RAL Colour Chart for Aluminium Door Colours.

Aluminium Doors – Commercial

Aluminium doors are popular for commercial use for a number of reasons:

  • Given the high strength of aluminium, aluminium doors are very robust and are designed for the heavy and frequent use such as school, office or shop entrance.

  • Because of aluminium's high strength, aluminium doors and profiles are slimmer and less obtrusive than UPVC.

  • Aluminium commercial doors are available as a self closing door option, with a hold open facility. Concealed closers restrain the door opening action and then automatically close the door at a pre-set speed.

  • Aluminium doors and double glazing are available in a range of attractive RAL colours which remain attractive despite weather and hard repetitive use. Please see the link to the RAL chart above.

  • Aluminium doors are available with an anti-finger trap device. This is a very important feature for doors for hospitals, schools and shops. It is one of the prime attractions of aluminium doors for commercial use.

Aluminium Doors, Commercial & Domestic. High Strength, Secure, Weather Resistant Doors. Slim Line Doors, Entrance Doors. Dual Colour for Inside & Outside Decor Matching.

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